About Turkish Depot Meat Factory & Farm

Turkish Depot Farm is owned by Muhittin Bagriyanik and small scale operated, It is a diversified vegetable farm. and this is a land to buy a opportunity and 16,594 Acres land 10.2 Acre is reserved for vegetable growing. plan will act as a guide for Turkish Depot Muhittin Bagriyanik Farm as you buy and grow a new farm. In 2022, the first year will be the purchase of new farm property, construction of greenhouse, warehouse for vegetables, irrigation facility and fencing, and equipment. A plan will be developed for the farm's transition to the new property, which will include: capital investments, fertility and production improvements, and discovery of new market opportunities. Expand the Business on the Same Land to the point where both (along with the meat and meat factory) can work on the farm full time.


We deliver the fresh meat of animals such as veal, lamb and cow from the production center to your address full time.

Located in Lock haven, PA, our facility continues to expand across the United States through our sales representatives and distributors.



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