We deliver the fresh meat of animals such as veal, lamb and cow from the production center to your address full time.

Farm-fresh meats delivered nationwide!

We provide our clients with fresh animals meats (veal, lamb, cow and goat) from our own slaughter house and we deliver anywhere you want, either with our own cars, if you are in the vicinity(By vicinity we mean the states of PA, NY, NJ and CT.), or by fedex/ups using special boxes adequately packed with dry ice to keep fresh and healthy.

See and select your animal!

We make video calls with our clients both during the selection and slaughtering of the animal. So you will see which animal you have bought and also which and how the animal is being slaughtered.

Make a difference through donations!

You can also donate the animals and their meat to your choice of charity organisations. Please provide us with their full name and contact info and we will handle the rest.