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About US

Turkish Depot Farm produces various vegetables. They are certified
organic and planned.
Down in the Dirt grows a blend of special innovations and hot varieties
beyond the standard vegetable range. Sweet peppers and green beans
not common in Lock Haven
It includes products such as Muhittin Bagriyanik is a loyal customer
base and a well-known name in the local market. TurkishDepot, the
network that will provide the largest market flows for vegetables Meat
products within the scope of begins to offer through the farm


In average condition, 19,000 sf originally built in the
1950s and expanded and refurbished.
A garden barn, an irrigation system, a green house
tent and irrigation systems will be built on a 10.2
acre area.
Muhittin Bagriyanik will build a new greenhouse
and strengthen a part of the vegetables with the
washing package infrastructure.
Organic diversified vegetables have been the
foundation of the farm business. Green pepper and
green bean production is planned for the 2022

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